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Understanding numerology: the keys to deciphering your destiny

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Each letter has a particular meaning and sends back its vibrations according to its position in our name and our first name, but also throughout our life. These vibrations are accentuated by the letter of passage that presents itself to us each year.

  • The letter A is often associated with ambition, leadership and authority.
  • The letter B is associated with communication, sociability and diplomacy.
  • The letter C is associated with analysis, logic and precision.
  • The letter D is associated with determination, perseverance and strength of character.
  • The letter E is associated with energy, passion and enthusiasm.
  • The letter F is associated with family, loyalty and reliability.
  • The letter G is associated with energy, passion and enthusiasm.
  • The letter H is associated with spirituality, wisdom and maturity.
  • The letter I is associated with individuality, originality and independence.
  • The letter J is associated with energy, passion and enthusiasm.
  • The letter K is associated with spirituality, wisdom and maturity.
  • The letter L is associated with balance, diplomacy and justice.
  • The letter M is associated with method, planning and organization.
  • The letter N is associated with intelligence, rationality and logic.
  • The letter O is associated with sentimental balance, diplomacy and justice.
  • The letter P associated with creativity, imagination and artistic expression.
  • The letter Q is associated with intuition, spirituality and inner wisdom.
  • The letter R is associated with inner strength, perseverance and determination.
  • The letter S is associated with sensitivity, creativity and communication.
  • The letter T is associated with independence, freedom and adventure.
  • The letter U is associated with compassion, generosity and creativity.
  • The letter V is associated with truth, justice and objectivity.
  • The letter W is associated with originality, imagination and creativity.
  • The letter X is associated with intelligence, transformation and evolution.
  • The letter Y is associated with curiosity, open-mindedness and adventure.
  • The letter Z is associated with ambition, determination and perseverance.

  • It is important to note that these meanings are general and may vary depending on the numerology systems used.

    Note: Typology is important to get a good interpretation.

    Here are their interpretations:

    Letter Typology Value Interprétations
    A Cerebral 1 Ambitions, strength, mastery
    B Emotive 2 Sentimentality, emotional fragility.
    C Intuitive 3 Enthusiasm, happiness, luck.
    D Physics 4 Consolidation in all things.
    E Physics 5 Rapid changes in activities.
    F Intuitive 6 Taking on family responsibilities.
    G Cerebral 7 Inner awareness, reflections.
    H Cerebral 8 Confrontation with the material world
    I Intuitive 9 Love at first sight and high sensitivity.
    J Cerebral 1 Professional success and a sense of relativity
    K Intuitive 2 Power of action and intelligence.
    L Cerebral 3 Happy and pleasant period to live.
    M Cerebral 4 Stability and maturity.
    N Cerebral 5 Change and intellectual multiplicity.
    O Emotive 6 Sentimental protection, harmony.
    P Cerebral 7 Isolation, search for tranquility.
    Q Intuitive 8 Financial prosperity, successes.
    R Emotive 9 Review of our past actions.
    S Emotive 1 Disturbances on the emotional level.
    T Emotive 2 Rewarding efforts.
    U Intuitive 3 Opening to spirituality.
    V Intuitive 4 Powerful action towards victory.
    W Physics 5 Changes of all kinds, displacements
    X Emotive 6 Anxiety and emotional blockages.
    Y Intuitive 7 Hesitations, analysis and reflections.
    Z Emotive 8 Financial or material gains favored.

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