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Numerology training lesson N°2 .

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The wink...

It can be noticed that a great majority of nervous and bossy gents usually have in their name and surname one or more times the following letters:
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The intimate number: Represents the addition of all the vowels in your first and last name
Number of realizations: Represents the addition of all the consonants in your first and last name
Expression number: Represents the addition of all the letters in your first and last name
Life path: Represents the addition of your birth date (Day, month, year)
Personal year: Represents the addition of your day, month of birth and current year
Personal month: Represents the addition of the personal year and the current month
Personal day: Represents the addition of your personal month and the current day
Letter of Passage: Represents the alignment of the letters in your first and last name with your age

Deconstructing the letters...

Chapter N°2:

So each letter is scanned on one of the 9 main vibrations. But their individual behaviors seem to bring some precisions that we will have to take into account.
The sound of a set of letters will also be a valuable clue that should not be overlooked...

The Active Number (First Name).

By adding up the values of the letters in our first name, we get the Active Number.
This number tells us about the concrete means we have to externalize and assert ourselves to others.

First name: Result Reduction
1+ 3+ 1+ 9+ +5 =19 1+9=10 (1+0=1)

When the result is greater than 9, we must reduce it until we obtain one of the 9 main vibrations. Thus we obtain, for the first name Alain, the active number 1. The Alain are therefore determined, confident with a certain nervousness and do not like nonchalance.

The Hereditary number (Name).

By adding the values of the letters of our name, we obtain the Hereditary number.
In this number we find some genes from family descent. Although it is quite secondary, it can nevertheless give some interesting clues.

Name: Result Reduction
4+ 6+ 9+ 3+ 5+ 3 =30 (3+0=3)

We thus obtain, for the name Dorcel, the Hereditary number 3. It is a vibration related to the visual, the entourage and the extraversion.

The expression number (First name + Last name).

By adding the values of the active number with the hereditary number, we get the expression number.
This number has a strong influence on the behavior of the subject. It evokes the main tendencies on the brain, physical and emotional functions.

Expression number Alain Dorcel
First name: Name Result
Active + Hereditary
1 + 3 =4

Alain Dorcel would therefore have qualities of patience and perseverance (expression number). He could work for public exposure (hereditary number), with determination and demands (active number).

Interpretations are often the result of deductions based on different vibrations. Everyone can interpret a theme in their own way, hence the importance of looking at the whole theme.
You will also notice that intuition is devoid of questions, it goes directly to the results...

The jobs in numerology..
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