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Are we all equal in the face of chance?

We won't give you the EuroMillions results, but...
Numerology guides us on our weaknesses and highlights and can indeed, let us think in an equal opportunity if we are wise to those moments...

How to make your banker smile

Let's play the EuroMillions:
Ideally, it would be a Saturday in a personal day 1 (your personal day is the ), and make your play without depositing it immediately. This day indeed represents the seed that we sow for the future.

Consolidating the game:
Make a new, almost identical game on Tuesday, which has as its personal day 4 (so, 3 days later)
In fact, this day 4 allows us to put a solid foundation on our projects.

Then go and drop off the games on a personal day 5. This day is favorable for travel and for financial horizon approaches.

Let's wait quietly for the personal day 7 which should normally be a Friday.
This day can surprise by its qualities of financial surprises. The draw takes place in the evening and the colors of the personal day 8 start to appear.

Personal day 8 marks financial or material movements.

The numbers we need:

Add or multiply, as you see fit, your dominant numbers, your life path, your expression number and your birth day together... Here are yours:
- -

(If you don't see them, go back through the home page to enter your information). (Logo at top of page)

The Power of Subconscious:

Here is a music that contains a subconscious file (a small, soft voice) promoting abundance. This one is hidden at -28 Hz, so our ears don't hear it, but the brain absorbs it and imbues you with some remarkable financial reflexes in smoothness and well-being, if you listen to it on headphones very regularly, of course. So let yourself be carried away and let your mind drink it in.

Youtube : Give yourself a little relaxation by playing your games! The music promoting spirituality will allow you to access a better intuition. I have also made music with different subconscious (humor, health, relaxation) on my channel ...
Being a musician, composer, I strongly invite you to subscribe here with the bell turned on:
Give yourself up
As a member of the channel, you will have the chance to hear new and even more powerful stacked subconsciouses.

Good to know:

The number 11 associated with 9 can be of great service to you (example, you are in month 9, day 11, or week 9, month 11, etc.)
The 11 represents intuition and magnetism.
The 9 represents (the sky), inspiration, water beyond...
The letter J can also be beneficial to you, as it gives an indication of the relativity of things...
And for those who need a little help to win at games, check out the number 8.

Other method

This method doesn't work every time, but commonly comes up...
This one is based on the life path and the key number of the numbers. We can consider that the birth of a number is realized at its exit and dies if it does not return.
The life path is calculated as follows: Day of birth + month of birth + year of birth.
Let's take the example of the EuroMillions draw of: 27 November 2009. It came out that day 7 numbers (so 7 births) which are: 05-08-13-15-33 *8 *9.

The life path of the 5= 27+ 11 + 2009=2047 so 2+0+4+7 = 13 by reducing to 2 numbers
We add to this life path, the number involved (5) which gives us 18.

The 18 is therefore a prediction for the next draw.
For the second number (the 8), we also know his life path (the 13)
We take his key number (day+month=38) which we subtract from the life path(13) which gives 25
So 25 is a second prognosis.
Let's check:
Date of the next draw: december 4, 2009
result: 18-19-25-30-44 *1 *3
Lucky shot??
It's your turn to try...

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