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The letter U in numerology.

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The 23rd in tarot:
(The King of Baton.)

Success in projects. Financial and material mastery. Power and protection.
Personal merits recognized.Possible tendencies toward anxiety, anger or domination. Beware of triumphalism.

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The letter U in numerology

the letter U The twenty-first letter of the alphabet, the U has the value 3 (coming from 21, 2+1=3) in numerology.
It is part of the intuitive and oscillating letters, it is classified in the register of feelings with an evolving and mobile operation.

His shape and meaning

Like a container, the U leaves a large opening to the sky (thought, intuition), it fills with energies up to the matter (the base, the concrete). Its base is round and indicates a certain instability, hence its classification among the mobile letters. The letter U in numerology is associated with originality, independence and individuality. People with a first or last name beginning with U often come across as being very original and having a strong sense of individuality. They also tend to be independent and have a strong desire to go their own way.
In terms of career, people with a first or last name beginning with U may be designated by fields such as entrepreneurship, artistic creation or unconventional fields. They can also succeed as business leaders, artists or inventors, where they can use their originality and independence to create something new and unique.


Its passage generally leads to a general slowing down but especially on the material level. The sentimental side oscillates in successive waves between the most pleasant and the least pleasant. A opportunity to open up to a more spiritual world. Fragile balance, tensions. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 3 years later.


You have a generous and open temperament. You reconcile people with each other and have a spirit of universality. You have a sense of altruism and sometimes pushed to the point of self-sacrifice. self-sacrifice.


Vibrations lead you on intellectual talents, insights and imagination. Strong sensitivities favoring communication, refined speech and the search for perfection. Bad sides are also possible, obstinacy, tactlessness, hesitation, pushiness.
His accomplices: The C and the L strengthen his action.
His opponents: The B the D and the M diminish his effects.

Key words about the U

Sensitivity, spirituality, communication, refinement, delicacy, perfection, tensions, universal, generosity, altruism, dedication, reconciliation, hesitation, openness.

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