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  • A letter can hide another!

    A letter can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the one
    that precedes it. Example with "AB":
    The "A" means authority. The "B" represents its opposite (submission). If the intensity of the "B" is higher than that of the "A", it will attenuate the interpretation of the "A".
    Meaning of all letters

    Explore the path of the mind.

    Numerology speaks of you and your health! A toothache or a joint pain is often due to the presence of the number 4 in mass. The number 7 for a headache, etc.

    This set of letters that was assigned to us at birth is not due to chance, but to the inheritance of our parents and the choices they made in giving us a name...
    It is through the knowledge of numerology that we can finally understand our obstacles and develop a mental reconnection without headaches.

    My book is offered free of charge! Help yourself and share!
    Do not take it on other sites, it has been diverted with fraudulent links. This one is the original and I am the author... Thank you
    My free numerology book
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    Dear Friends,

    According to predictions, the year 2023 will focus on social and popular concerns, with large-scale events in the offing. We may even see the emergence of a major personality, such as ChatGPT. In addition, spirituality will become more important to many people, with practices such as prayer, beliefs and teachings. In the area of research, we can expect strong activity in biology, robotics and energy.
    However, by the end of September, a growing anger could herald a difficult 2024, where violence, whether physical or computer-based, could materialize.

    I am often asked about money. Can we really make any through numbers? The answer lies in the experience of numerology. This practice guides us above all by informing us about the events that could happen to us, the most advantageous days and months days and months to undertake a precise action. Knowing what name to give your child to give him all his chances, and why not, win nice sums of money.
    Make your games with subconscious

    Your complete numerological chart for the year 2023 in 2 clicks, it's easy and free here!

    Please! Avoid the pitfalls:"If I had read my numerology for the day, I would have avoided a bad day!" This is just one of many examples that happened to me that you might see in your own life... So don't forget to look at your number scope every day.
    You will find, here, how learn numerology very gently and without spending a single euro! The interpretation made here is automated, and will probably not equal a human interpretation, but the approach may surprise many...

    Travel back in time and inform your friends.

    Inside, this site allows us to check our failures or successes by selecting a date in the past or future.
    Create numerological horoscopes for your friends and share it by email or your social networks. It's a bit like sending a preventive e-card, but also, like a gift. Follow the evolution of your life each day, and you will find that some revelations will be quite surprising...

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    Numerology of famous people
    Robert De Niro Beyoncé
    Leonardo DiCaprio Taylor Swift
    Vladimir Poutine Jennifer Lopez,
    John Cleese Bruce Willis
    Emmanuel Macron Paris Hilton
    Harrison Ford Dwayne Johnson
    Donald Trump Kim Kardashian
    Joe Biden LeBron James
    Barack Obama Billie Eilish
    George W.Bush Tom Hanks
    Oprah Winfrey Jennifer Lawrence
    Lewis Hamilton Tomer Sisley
    Adele Ed Sheeran
    Daniel Radcliffe Paul McCartney
    Elton John Kate Winslet
    David Bowie Emma Bunton

    Other characters.

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    Numerology is an ancient art that allows you to decipher the hidden power of numbers and their meanings. It offers you the possibility to understand the forces and talents that lie dormant within you, and to identify upcoming opportunities and challenges. Through it, you will be able to discover your life path, your personal year, and orient yourself towards a more fulfilling life with your personal day and your personal month. This numerology website offers you the opportunity to discover your numerological profile using your name and birthdate. By calculating your personal number, you will be able to understand aspects of your personality, your faults and your loves.
    We will also give you information on your lucky number and your numeroscope. The art of interpreting numbers is a valuable tool for divination through numbers. The symbolism of master numbers