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Develop Your Intuition Through Numerology

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It can be noticed that a great majority of materially or financially well-to-do gents have in their name and surnames one or more times the following letters:
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The Tentacles of the Mind

Learn numerology...

Chapter N°1 :

The behavior of the human being can be quickly explained by the letters that compose the name and the first name of the subject.
These are listed on the first 9 numbers.
The clues are not lacking and we will roughly review them.

Numerology encompasses 9 main vibrations.

  1. Nervousness, confidence, decision, command.
  2. Sweetness, shyness, friendship, dependence.
  3. Optimism, communication, extraversion.
  4. Work, patience, slowness, precision.
  5. Change, travel, curiosity, excitement.
  6. Love, family, fidelity, home, health.
  7. The introversion, isolation, reflection, studies.
  8. Materiality, money, power, domination.
  9. Humanity, beliefs, performances, generosity.

After this general overview, we will now treat them in 2 separate parts:

For human beings (characters):
  1. Chief, nervous, authoritative, confident.
  2. Timid, kind, simple, gentle, submissive, friendly.
  3. Optimistic, talkative, outgoing, demonstrative.
  4. Patient, meticulous, hardworking, sedentary.
  5. Changeable, indecisive, impatient, curious.
  6. Family-oriented, dependent, responsible.
  7. Thoughtful, independent, dreamy, wise.
  8. Affairs-oriented, down-to-earth, thrifty.
  9. Generous, spiritual, humanistic.
For events (consequences):
  1. First, action, beginning, birth.
  2. Secondary, discretion, meeting, agreement.
  3. Visual, festivity, entourage, display.
  4. Work, delay, constraints, confinement.
  5. Change, freedom, surprises, displacement.
  6. Caring, family, aesthetics, love.
  7. Wisdom, isolation, introspection, reflection.
  8. Risk, materiality, finances, justice, power.
  9. Sharing, humanity, travel, audience.

You will notice in passing, that the paradoxes are 1 degree above/below their origins.

Correspondence of letters

The letters are associated with these vibrations. They evoke these 9 character traits in the following order.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Unscramble the letters...
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Numerology is an ancient art that allows you to decipher the hidden power of numbers and their meanings. It offers you the possibility to understand the forces and talents that lie dormant within you, and to identify upcoming opportunities and challenges. Through it, you will be able to discover your life path, your personal year, and orient yourself towards a more fulfilling life with your personal day and your personal month. This numerology website offers you the opportunity to discover your numerological profile using your name and birthdate. By calculating your personal number, you will be able to understand aspects of your personality, your faults and your loves.
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