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The letter Z: The vigilante of the poor.

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The 31st in tarot:
(Five of a Stick.)

Balanced finances. Good reserves of personal energy. Good memory. Enterprise strengthened and projects favored. Mobility required and calm advised.

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The letter Z in numerology

letter Z the twenty-sixth letter of the alphabet, Z has a value of 8 (coming from 26, 2+6=8) in numerology.
It is one of the affective, creative and emotional letters. It is on the register of good feelings and works dynamically.

His shape and meaning

Symbol of great energy, the shape of the Z reminds us of vivacity, lightning or even the signature of Zorro in the service of truth, and justice for the poor. By its frank and sharp antennas the financial security at its base (the matter), the justice by the action (the central antenna), and the reasoning (the horizontal antenna of the top).
The Z in Passage Letter

Passage favors financial or material gain. Possibility of regaining lost belongings. Material success, but strong tensions in relationships and especially in emotional level. Trials to overcome in the couple . Need for rest. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 8 years later.


You are a person who likes to be involved in serving others, both on material and social issues. You have a lot of ideas. Surprising and creative, you are sensitive, altruistic and imaginative.


The vibrations offer opportunities for success on all levels if the subject masters the emotions. They can also lead to doubt, emotional dependence, knee-jerk reactions They can also cause doubt, emotional dependence, harsh reactions, and elusiveness. Spiritual progress.
His accomplices: The H the Q and reinforce his action.
His opponents: The G the P and the Y diminish his effects.

Key Words About Z

Trial, justice, money, business, materiality, directness, liveliness, protection, tensions, dynamism, fatigue, questioning, emotional dependence, sensitivity, imaginations.

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