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The harmony between you and your job. Lesson #3..

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It can be noticed that a great majority of communicators, comedians and gesturalists usually have in their name and surnames one or more times the following letters:
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The intimate number: Represents the addition of all the vowels in your first and last name
Number of realizations: Represents the addition of all the consonants in your first and last name
Expression number: Represents the addition of all the letters in your first and last name
Life path: Represents the addition of your birth date (Day, month, year)
Personal year: Represents the addition of your day, month of birth and current year
Personal month: Represents the addition of the personal year and the current month
Personal day: Represents the addition of your personal month and the current day
Letter of Passage: Represents the alignment of the letters in your first and last name with your age

Jobs in numerology

Chapter No. 3:

The number of expression and the life path are often revealing of the occupations that the subject will have chosen or undergone during his life. Some people do not live their profession with passion and for good reason, they are not in harmony with their expression, nor their life path.
Here is a list of professions in phase with the 9 basic vibrations:

The number 1. (leadership professions)

Executive Head -CEO - Decision makers - Leaders - Minister - Mayor - Politician - Supervisor - Entrepreneur - Engineer.

The number 2. (Contact occupations)

Association - Worker - Associate - Handler - Writer - Secretary - Linguist - Receptionist - Waiter - Educator - Hairdresser - Coordinator - Psychologist - Cameraman - Accountant - Baggage handler - Teacher - Treasurer - Social worker.

The number 3. (Visual occupations)

Salesman - Artist - Humorist - Sportsman - Musician - Singer - Orator - VRP - Inventor - Actor - Speech Therapist - Draughtsman - Photographer - Balancer - Writer - Presenter - Demonstrator - Journalist.

The number 4. (Building trades)

Draftsman - Material handler - Watchmaker - Officer - Seamstress - Computer scientist - Laborer - Accountant - Security- Insurer - Dentist - Musician - Receptionist - Mason.- Mechanic - Technician.

The number 5. (Transportation occupations)

Taxi driver - Rover driver - Railroad driver - Pilot - Driver - Journalist - Salesman - Photographer - Sports educator - Operating agent - Postman - Explorer - Farmer - Coordinator - Organizer - Car mechanic - Motor mechanic - Mountaineer - Master swimmer - Fisherman - Navigator.

The number 6. (Beauty jobs)

Hairdresser - Models - Make-up artist - Decorator - Stylist - Musician - Writer - Caregiver - Doctor - Nurse - Cook - Housekeeper - Painter - Florist - Orthopedist - Pediatrician.

The number 7. (Thinking professions)

Programmer analyst - Psychologist - Inventor - Researcher - Scientist - Teacher - Professor - Mathematician - Educator - Physicist - Accountant - Numerologist - Neurologist - Doctor.

The number 8. (Occupations of justice and power)

Police officer - Judge - CEO - Minister - President - Politician - Lawyer - Annuitant - Banker - Accountant - Businessman - Trader - Surgeon - Ship owner - Officer.

The number 9. (Public services)

Journalist - Valet - Publicist - Energy - Schoolteachers - Railroad worker - Postal worker - Airplane pilots - Tourism - Humanitarian doctors - Musicians - Director - Animator - Actor - Photographer - Priest- Explorer - Navigator - Human resources (HRD) - Astronaut.

If Human Resources were to use these vibes to hire staff, it is certain that the result would be much more profitable for the company.
Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see mixtures of all kinds and in all vibrations...

Neural control..
Practical exercise

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