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Q - Materialism, justice and business.

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The 15th in tarot:
(The Devil.)

Passionate impulses, physical and spiritual dominations. Powerful magnetism and material success.
Possibility of being manipulated. Freedom from physical and psychological temptations.

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The letter Q in numerology

Q The seventeenth letter of the alphabet, The Q has a value of 8 (coming from 17, 1+7=8) in numerology.
It is an intuitive and oscillating letter. It is classified in the register of the presentiments. It is recognized as mobile and hesitant.

His shape and meaning

Close to the letter O, the Q has a hook to anchor itself to the ground (the material world). Its shape has no upward exit, indicating a truly down-to-earth functioning. Its circle contains the concrete that has been dug into its soil.
The letter Q in numerology is quite rare, as it rarely appears at the beginning of a word or name. However, the letter Q is often associated with curiosity, insight and intuition. People with a first or last name beginning with Q often come across as being very curious and having great insight. They also tend to have great intuition and an ability to understand complex situations
. In terms of career, people with a first or last name beginning with Q may be designated by fields such as research, investigation or social sciences. They may also succeed as journalists, investigators or psychologists, where they can use their curiosity and insight to understand complex situations and solve puzzles.

The Q in Passage Letter

His passage indicates financial prosperity. Many challenges and successes in the material realm. Concretization of projects and search for new power. No real health problems, but emotional instability No real health problem, but emotional instability and control of emotions. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 8 years later.


You are an energetic person and always ready to show your abilities to acquire highly superior positions. You champion causes that seem unattainable.


The vibrations of this letter promote optimism and joy. They bring alertness of mind and intuition and concreteness related to acquired knowledge. Risks of self-sufficiency, avarice or bad management placed on the sign of chance.
His accomplices: The H and the Z strengthen his action.
His opponents: The G the P and the Y diminish his effects.

Key words about the Q

Lucky, lucky, wealth, material, serious, noble, energy, money, achievement, acquisition, property, optimism, businesslike.

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