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Top questions about numerology.

Many of us wonder about the basic questions of our destiny, personal troubles, spouse, finances, future, etc.
So here is a list of possible answers to our mysteries according to the numbers and letters around us...

Miscellaneous questions

  1. Am I getting rich?
  2. Is fidelity in my relationship strong?
  3. Is the world going to end on December 21, 2012?
  4. I don't have a letter value of 5. Is that bad doctor?
  5. How do I calculate my personal year?
  6. Is the number 13 bad luck?
  7. What is my lucky number?
  8. How to calculate my expression number
  9. The advice is not to start anything in year 9. Is this true?
  10. What do you recognize an artist in numerology?
  11. What does one recognize shyness in numerology?
  12. What do we recognize intelligence in numerology?
  13. Can we travel through time?
  14. How to contact you?

Will I become rich?

1- It is easier to become rich when you have letters of value 8 in your name and surname. These letters are: H-Q-Z. Rest assured! Others have managed to do it without have them. It is quite often the most selfless who inherit the good surprises...

Is fidelity in my relationship strong?

2- If neither of you have the letter O and the letter F in your first and last names, it might complicate things a bit. If, in addition, one of you is on a life path 5, then you will have to make concessions for each other.

Is the world going to end on December 21, 2012?

4-Numerology does not speak of a planet, but this year will represent the number 5 which means change, the day will represent the 3 which can be translated as "The People", coming from 21 ("Revolt of the weak against the authority"). The month of December will be the number 12 "Response of the authority on the weak". The whole date of 21-12-2012 gives us the number 11 which can be translated: "Incoherence in the hierarchy, search for equality". Everything would lead us to believe that a particular conflict may be looming, but from there to make an end of the world seems quite exaggerated. A Unless the authority is represented by the natural disaster.

I don't have a letter value of 5. Is that bad doctor?

5- You're pretty conservative, and you'll have trouble accepting the changes the world forces. Try to be a little less rigid and more open. This change is anyway This change is irreversible anyway...

How do I calculate my personal year?

6- Refer to here: calculate-personal-year-in-numerology.php

Is the number 13 bad luck?

7-This number could be translated as "Back to seriousness" (the 1 ordering the 3 not to spread out), as the 3 can be too expansive . The addition of these two numbers gives 4: (the work, seriousness). The number 13 is a regulating number, it is therefore a number like the others with its own meaning. It can in a numerological theme, be favorable or unfavorable according to the general interpretation...

What is my lucky number?

8- You can't really talk about a lucky number in numerology, we are often told anything about it. Some will make you believe that it is your day of birth, others will others will give you your life path, etc.. The real lucky number is in the overall balance of the chart. By correcting the excesses and missing numbers, one can then approach the "good life" which is already a chance! If you think you have reached this point, then take your expression number and pray. Fixing on a number can however influence our direct reasoning direct reasoning like a placebo...

How to calculate my expression number

9- Refer to here: definition-expression-numerology.php

The advice is not to start anything in Year 9. Is this true?

10- Year 9 is a great year to take stock of the previous 8 years. It is absolutely not forbidden to start a new project in the beginning of this year. It is already harder after September, because the vibrations of the 1 start to take effect. The 9 puts the brakes on the momentum of the 1 ...

What do you recognize an artist in numerology?

11- The artist usually has many letters in his or her first and last name that are value 9 (I-R), value 3 ( C-L-U), value 6 (F-O-X) and value 5 (E-N-W). The 9 and the 3 associated could be translated as: "The voice of heaven in front of the audience". The 6 represents "harmony" and the 5: "physical performance."

What do you recognize as shyness in numerology?

12- It is usually found by an absence or excess of 2 value letters (B-T-K) and an absence of 3 value letters (C-L-U). In this case, there are 2 possibilities: Either he is too talkative or shy. Clearly there is a problem in the communication.

What do we recognize intelligence in numerology?

13- It can be noticed that their names and surnames often begin with the letter J. They have indeed , a facility to answer and solve problems in a lively way, instinctive and thoughtful. They are even more assertive if this letter is present several times. This can be confirmed if they also have many letters of value 3 (C-L-U) for communication and creativity.

Can we travel through time?

14- We are currently living in the present, future and past at the same time!
-If we compare the origin of the earth and the present moment, we can deduce that transportation is a machine that saves us time (the future).
-The stars we perceive may be light years old (the past).
- The present is being able to do both at the same time!

How do I contact you?

15- Currently by email: info*()


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