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Numerology training lesson N°4

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The Wink...

Take advantage of a personal day 1 to undertake a new activity.
This is a favorable day to make important decisions.
Learn more.

. . . . . . .
The intimate number: Represents the addition of all the vowels in your first and last name
Number of realizations: Represents the addition of all the consonants in your first and last name
Expression number: Represents the addition of all the letters in your first and last name
Life path: Represents the addition of your birth date (Day, month, year)
Personal year: Represents the addition of your day, month of birth and current year
Personal month: Represents the addition of the personal year and the current month
Personal day: Represents the addition of your personal month and the current day
Letter of Passage: Represents the alignment of the letters in your first and last name with your age

Small questionnaire:


We have, so far, gone through quite a bit of information. It therefore becomes necessary to make a first assessment of our knowledge.
9 questions to test your neurons ! The answers will be displayed by validating the whole form.
Attention !
Get your fingers ready, the rule will fall!!!

Question N° 1:

- What is the hereditary number of Mr. Christian Clavier?


Question N° 2:

- I'm pretty sedentary and organized, which vibration do I fit?


Question N° 3:

- I was born on 12-15-1965, what is my life path?


Question N° 4:

- What is Bernard Haterman's expression number?


Question N° 5:

- A+L+M+J+S+Y=8!!

Question N° 6:

- Day of birth + month of birth + current year = Life path!

Question N °7:

- Vibration 1 is the paradox of vibration 7!

Question N° 8:

- What is the intimate number of hereditary?


Question N° 9:

- What is the number of intimate realization?


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Numerology is an ancient art that allows you to decipher the hidden power of numbers and their meanings. It offers you the possibility to understand the forces and talents that lie dormant within you, and to identify upcoming opportunities and challenges. Through it, you will be able to discover your life path, your personal year, and orient yourself towards a more fulfilling life with your personal day and your personal month. This numerology website offers you the opportunity to discover your numerological profile using your name and birthdate. By calculating your personal number, you will be able to understand aspects of your personality, your faults and your loves.
We will also give you information on your lucky number and your numeroscope. The art of interpreting numbers is a valuable tool for divination through numbers. The symbolism of master numbers