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The letter Y: oscillating and intuitive hesitations

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The 30th in tarot:
(Four of Wands.)

Expansion of personal horizons. Constant concern for perfectionism and great potential for creativity.
Concretizations of the sometimes utopian projects. Artistic expression favored.
Professional satisfaction and material security.

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The letter Y in numerology

Y the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet, Y has the value 7 (coming from 25, 2+5=7) in numerology.
Letter of oscillating and intuitive nature, it corresponds to the register of the presentiments (fire element). It functions on a mobile and hesitant plane.

His shape and meaning

Its foot seems to oscillate on its underdeveloped base (the ground, materiality). It supports two antennae that capture the energies that come from above (thought). The captured energy is reduced in the of the two antennas which indicates a certain duality (no room for so much energy). Unsure of himself, the Y questions, analyzes and deals with problems from several sides at once, which gives him some at the same time, which gives it a certain mystery.
The Y in Passage Letter

His passage encourages analysis and personal reflection. Difficult choices to make, but vitally important for the future. Some material detachment will be necessary. Variable finances, but good period for intellectual functioning. Difficulty in communicating in the emotional field (need for mature reflection). Will have to get rid of his uncertainties. His passage begins on your birthday and will end 7 years later.


You are a subtle and intelligent person. You are independent and like to work at your own pace. You always have good ideas, but a hard time implementing them. Need to be framed and taken care of.


Vibrations offer good power for analysis and inspirations. Personal evolution and mastery of concepts. Its negative side is often one of instability, uncertainty, insecurity, illusions and for some, use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol to compensate for emotional overflow. Sometimes exposed to accidents on the roads or physical disabilities.
His accomplices: The G the P and reinforce his action.
His opponents: The F the O and the X diminish his effects.

Key words about the Y

Intuitions, analysis, hesitations, intelligence, reflection, introspection, duality, illusions, intellect, uncertainties, subtlety, details.

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