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The letter F - Family - Love - Conciliation

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The last letter of the last name indicates a sensitivity.
This one is related to a target, found on the second to last letter of the name.
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The letter F in numerology

F The sixth letter of the alphabet, the F is represented by the value 6 in numerology.
It is a letter that is both intuitive and oscillating. It belongs to the register of intuitions, hunches and functions in a hesitant and mobile way.

His shape and meaning

Its shape makes us think of an E, but one that seems disinterested in physical (and sexual) things by the absence of its bottom part. The top bar predominates to give priority to the head and thus on the awareness. The horizontal branches seem to make it bend on its vertical axis and give it a sensitive aspect to the search for harmony and balance.
The letter F in numerology is associated with personality, creativity and sociability. People with a first or last name beginning with F are often favored as friendly and warm, liking to be around people and having a great need for social interaction. They are also often creative and have a strong artistic sense.
In terms of work, people with a first or last name beginning with F may be designated with careers related to art, fashion or communication. They also tend to be natural leaders and can succeed in leadership roles.
However, it is important to note that numerology is a complex subject and the letter F does not entirely define a person. There are many other factors, such as the numbers associated with a full name and date of birth, that must be taken into account to get a complete picture of a person's personality and tendencies.
In sum, the letter F in numerology is associated with the warm, creative and sociable personality. People who have a first or last name beginning with F can be trained by careers related to art, fashion and communication, and can also succeed as leaders. It is important not to look only at this letter to understand a person's personality, but to consider other numerology factors.


His passage may make you suspicious on the family front with delicate stances. This period will impose on you additional obligations and responsibilities related to your close ones (family, neighborhood). Take advantage of this time to open up spiritually, for you will have intuition. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 6 years later.


You love artists and anything that shows originality. You are sensitive and need to receive, be valued and well surrounded, but you also give a lot to others, which allows you to shine in front of an audience.


F vibrations allow for shining in the eyes of others, for exposure to an audience. There is sometimes an oscillation between coldness and warmth that can take a certain duality and a hyper sensitivity. He can be sensitive and in this case, closes quickly. He seeks gentleness and responsibility.
His accomplices: The O and the X strengthen his action.
His opponents: The E the N diminish his effects.

Key Words About F

Present: Family, Home, Child, Beauty, Aesthetics, Luxury, Love, Responsibilities, Loyalty, Arts, Music, Theater, Artist, Poet, Gentle, Conciliatory, Friendship, Motherhood, Assistance, Massage.
Absent:Infidelity, irresponsibility, resentful, parental estrangement, suspicious.

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