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A - The paradox of the Q symbol: the R is humanistic.

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The Wink...

The 19th in tarot:
(The Sun.)

Love , Luck, Happiness. Need to put his energy in the service of others and share his achievements.
Not to keep knowledge and artistic gifts for oneself, but to share them. To be a messenger of peace.

The letter R in numerology

R The eighteenth letter of the alphabet, the R has a value of 9 (from 18, 1+8=9) in numerology.
The R is an emotional, affective and creative letter. It is classified in the register of feelings with an idealistic and dynamic functioning.

His shape and meaning

It reminds us of the letter P, but with an extra leg that seems to take a step forward. It looks like a soldier puffing out his chest to show his ambition. It shows a certain flexibility with a dreamy side like the B. It holds back its emotions. Its form is complex and teems with diverse and sometimes contradictory information. The letter R in numerology is associated with energy, passion and enthusiasm. People with a first or last name beginning with R are often taken to be very energetic and have a great passion for life. They also tend to be enthusiastic and have a positive spirit. In terms of career, people with a first or last name beginning with R may be designated by fields such as public relations, sales, marketing or media. They may also succeed as business leaders, entertainers or public figures, where they can use their energy and passion to inspire and motivate others.
It is important to note that numerology is a complex subject and the letter R does not entirely define a person. There are many other factors, such as the numbers associated with a full name and date of birth, that must be taken into account to get a complete picture of a person's personality and tendencies.


His passage usually causes emotional disturbances, a tense emotional climate. It is not recommended to make major sentimental decisions, especially in the middle of It is not recommended to make big sentimental decisions, especially in the middle of its passage (4 years and a half). Delicate health and unstable material life. Possibilities of spiritual advancement if optimism is present. Its passage begins on your birthday and ends 9 years later. Will end 9 years later.


You are an independent, strong-willed and energetic person. You are sometimes perceived as an outsider and impatient. You often decide for others, your choices are uncertain and It sometimes makes you superstitious.


The vibrations offer you excellent vitality, intelligence and imagination. Lots of restlessness and responsiveness, but also ambition to achieve power. They They also influence the need to be recognized. Some obstacles though, impatience, tension, impulsiveness and sometimes paranoia.
His accomplice: The I strengthen his action.
His opponents: The H the Q and the Z diminish his effects.

Key words about the R

Intelligence, Vivacity, vitality, dynamism, impulsiveness, marginality, tensions, Thoughts, superstitious, restlessness, reactivity, ambition.

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