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The letter O - Sense of beauty, decoration.

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The 14th in tarot:
(The Temperance.)

Search for stability between passions, inner drives, desire and personal freedom. Possible financial and material limitations.
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The letter O in numerology

O The fifteenth letter of the alphabet, the O has the value 6 (coming from 15, 1+5=6) in numerology.
Of affective, emotional and creative origin, the O corresponds to the register of feelings with a dynamic and idealistic functioning. It is appreciated for its sentimental and emotional virtues often beneficial to combat infidelity.

His shape and meaning

A simple circle that doesn't offer an opening, but encircles you and holds you back so you can't go back. It knows how to go around things. This beautiful rounding emits softness and harmony, no beginning, no end. Obviously, the O does not like square things, it likes roundness, comfort and stability. It could be compared to a magnifying glass that allows you to observe the stars and distant horizons.
In numerology, the letter O can denote qualities such as originality, optimism, open-mindedness and creativity. People with a lot of O's in their first or last name can be provoked as being innovative and having a strong desire to get off the beaten path. They may also be promoted as being very sociable and liking to be encouraged by people.
People with a lot of O's in their first or last name can also be attained as being very organized and having a good sense of balance. These people are often very focused on their goals and can be performed as being determined and persistent. On the other hand, people with little O in their name or surname may have difficulty revealing themselves and may lack originality. These people may also lack confidence and may have difficulty making decisions.


His passage promises you sentimental protection, great emotional happiness, harmony and power in feelings. It also exudes great magnetism and stabilization and financial stabilization. You will take on responsibilities within the family. Pleasant progress. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 6 years later.


You have an emotional nature and a sense of family. Need to be recognized sentimentally.
If the O is repeated several times in the first and last name, then you have an intense emotional life with an innate sense of physical and relational contact.


Their vibrations exude human warmth, strong emotions, charm and a certain enveloping magnetism. They also provide a comfortable setting and sentimental power stable. Beware of egotism, withdrawal or ephemeral passion.
His accomplices: The F and the B strengthen his action. (anxiety on the X).
His opponents: The E the W and the N diminish his effects.

Key words about the O

Love, loyalty, emotions, affection, magnetism, sentimentality, roundness, harmony, responsibilities, family, comfort

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