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The letter V is associated with truth, justice and objectivity

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The 24th in tarot:
(Lady of the Stick.)

Seeking emotional stability.
Love and family at the forefront. Material strength and success through female relationships in professionalism.

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The letter V in numerology

V twenty-second letter of the alphabet, the V has the value of 4 (coming from 22, 2+2=4) in numerology.
V is a down to earth letter belonging to the intuitive letter family. It is of a stable, powerful nature and is classified in the register of perceptions. Mediumistic and mystical impulses. Search for balance.

His shape and meaning

Close to the U, the V captures energy from above (heaven, thought). This energy is powerful at the vibratory level due to its two rigid, non-round antennae. Its pointed base seems vulnerable if the energy is too strong, it reduces its vibrations on the matter (the ground) and sends them energetically back to the sky (the thought). This letter with mediumistic powers shows the way to take in order to achieve Victory. In terms of career, people with a first or last name beginning with V can be designated by fields such as business, finance or politics. They may also succeed as business executives, investors or political leaders, where they can use their ambition and determination to achieve their goals.

The V in Passage

His passage indicates increased energy and better health. Also favors the emotional and sentimental side. Good luck and interesting achievements, travel and spiritual openings. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 4 years later.


You are a person who doesn't need anyone to deal with everyday life. You have a courageous, resourceful and Independent temperament.


These vibrations bring originality to major projects, creativity and understanding to humanitarian issues. They offer energy, power and independence. Do not like to submit to orders. Beware of stubbornness, fragile moods and instability. Possible sudden depression.
His accomplices: The D and the M strengthen his action.
His opponents: The C the L and the U diminish his effects.

Key words about the V

Independence, power, spirituality, medium, mystic, creativity, originality, victory, energy, health, understanding, vitality.

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