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Numerology: The personal day.

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Take advantage of a personal day 1 to start a new activity.
This is a favorable day to make important decisions.
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How to calculate your personal day

Here's some interesting information! The personal day is in a way, a horoscope, but here we will talk about of numberscope
. This numberscope is obtained by adding your day of birth with your month of birth, then the current year, then the month of the year and finally the day of the month

The resulting number must be reduced to a number less than 10.

Example 1:

We'll look up what December 24, 2010, corresponds to in personal day for Liliane Bettencourt born on October 21, 1922 . You add up her day of birth (21) + her month of birth (10) + the year searched (2010) + the month of December (12) + the day searched (24) and get 2077.
The reduction is as follows: 2+0+7+7 = 16 we further reduce 1+ 6= 7
Then refer to the definition of personal day 7...

This day may lead you to discover anything related to new things around you (Announcement of a birth, death, new It will also invite you to be more dynamic and put your confidence forward. forward.
At the health level: The heart, blood circulation and eyes are a little more stressed.
In love: Possible conflicts, disturbing authority.
This day may cause you to observe your relationships more and strengthen them overall (friends, spouse, colleagues, children..) Your sensitivity is put to the test, you must open up to others and overcome this feeling of withdrawal that is in you.
At the health level: The glands and stomach are to watch.
In love: Your opportunities for agreements are excellent.
This day may involve you seeing a set of people or being around more than usual (invitation, unexpected visit, meeting, festivity, accident, aggression...) This day is often positive and the dialogues are usually interesting.
At the health level: The liver and arterial circulation may bother you.
In love: You attract passions, beware of dispersion.
This day can lead you to discover all that is attuned to the obstacles of everyday life. (Delays, confinement, impatience, clumsiness, absence, slowdowns...) It is therefore advisable to go through the details and patience in order to move forward.
At the health level: The bones and joints will be the weak points.
In love: You are too undemonstrative this day.
This day may bring you to the center of a moving scene. It represents change in all its forms (moving, traveling, change or end of a job, contract, habit, behavior, change of route, moving, divorce, marriage) Finances on the rise.
In health: Lungs, throat and nervous system are in demand.
In love: Good overall, still beware of bad temptations.
This day may take you on a path related to (family, neighborhood, children, helping the frail, culture, arts, beauty, perfumes, aesthetics..) You will certainly witness or be the main actor in one of these subjects...
At the health level: Possible weaknesses on the ôur, The throat, the voice and sexual organs ( especially the woman).
In love: Your possibilities of agreements are excellent.
This day can take you on aspects related to (Isolation, announcing a death, introspection, analysis, ending an entourage, finding solutions, reading, teaching, memory, pessimism, the occult, the paranormal, invention...) Period or awareness is important.
At the health level: Nerves and psyche, morale are tested
In love: Good intimate complicity.
This day can present you with material and financial sides in all their forms (Breakdowns, water leaks, fire, assault, incivility, injustice, ruin, fortune, acquisition of property, gain, lawsuit, accident, injury, drugs, contract, theft...) You will not necessarily be the victim but a possible witness. possible.
At the health level: Risks of small hurts be careful.
In love: Few positive results on this day.
This day can bring you to anything that is attuned to the world and our deeper selves (Altruism, emotions, beliefs, humanitarian information, new technologies, personal assessments, losses, trips abroad, public transport, artistic performances). The 9 is like a universal entity that observes us and gives us a observes us and gives in each of us a judgment of humanity on ourselves.
At the health level: The psyche and the lymphatic system are tested.
In love: Difficult occasions.
These definitions normally need to be refined with the other aspects of your personality

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