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D - Determination - Right

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The fourth letter of the first name marks the ambition of the subject:
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The letter D

D The fourth letter of the alphabet, D represents the value 4 in numerology.
It is a physical and down to earth letter. It corresponds to the register of the senses and has a stable functioning. It is a letter that symbolizes the concrete and solidity.

His shape and meaning

Close to the B, the shape of the D does not have the belt of the former. It gives a well-curved belly to let the colors or the sounds of music bounce. Its vertical axis serves as a spinal column Its vertical axis serves as a spine, which suggests that it can not move very fast under the weight it carries.
The letter "D" in numerology is considered to be one of the important letters of the alphabet. It is often associated with qualities such as determination, strength and will. People with a name beginning with this letter are often considered powerful in personal will.
In numerology, each letter has a numerical value associated with it, and the letter "D" has the value of 4. This value is considered to be related to the energy of work and security. People with a name beginning with this letter are often people with manual and strong skills, with a certain patriotic righteousness.

In addition, the letter "D" is also associated with stability, security and the ability to build a strong foundation. People with names beginning with this letter are often people who value protection in their environments, and who tend to build strong foundations in their lives. They tend to be very responsible and reliable people, but sometimes with narrow openings in terms of communication.
In aspects of personal numerology, the presence of the letter "D" in your name can have a significant impact on your life. If you have a name beginning with this letter, you are probably a fastidious person who likes to do a good job. In addition, you have a strong tendency to value honesty, and to build a solid foundation in your life.

In summary, the letter "D" in numerology is related to qualities such as determination, strength and willpower. If you have a name beginning with this letter, you definitely have a tendency at times to be stubborn about unfinished constructions, strong and responsible.

His passing allows you to bring your plans to fruition but in a slow way. You will need to be armed with patience. Feelings are likely to be perceived as burdensome and heavy to carry. During this During this period it is advisable to stay at home most of the time and to do some interior work. Travel may be delayed or cancelled. Fragile nerves and health to be monitored. His passage begins on your birthday and will end 4 years later.


You may be "old-fashioned" or conservative, but you have a hard time being the first to know, and then you are categorized in an earlier register. You are willing to work for others and you are a man of your word who can keep a secret! You hold an important role in your family.


It emits vibrations of materiality, safety and solidity. There is a sense of righteousness, patriotism and determination in him. He has a need to be loved and recognized, He is very sentimentally serious. He can also be seen as shy, secretive, offering limited openings.
His accomplices: The V and the M strengthen his action.
His opponents: The C the U and the N diminish his effects

Key words about the D

Rightness, patriotism, slow, heavy, strong, secretive, shy, frank, loyal, conservative, tardy, concrete, sentimental, determination, outcome, family, hardworking, blinkered, conformist, sincere, solidity.

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