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The Wink...

The 25th in tarot:
(Stick Knight.)

Significant expenditure of energy. Possible relocation. Seeking professional stability and difficulty overcoming obstacles.
It is advisable to remain firm in the choices to be made.

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The letter W in numerology

W the twenty-third letter of the alphabet, the W has a value of 5 (from 23, 2+3=5) in numerology.
The W is a letter of oscillating and physical nature. It corresponds to the register of the senses. It is both unstable and mobile in its operation.

His shape and meaning

It is two twin V's! Its shape doubly captures the energies of heaven (the mind) and propels them from heaven to earth and back again, without the slightest rounding, as if to mark very vivid changes. It is externalized and brings everything back to itself. Its base indicates an intense life on the physical plane. It is a form that emits changes to reach the satisfaction of the senses.


His passage indicates many changes of all kinds, displacements, moves, travels, emotional changes, new encounters. Fluctuations in financial plans. Possible spiritual change or change of vehicle. Variable aspects between the pleasant and the uncomfortable. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 5 years later.


You have a temperament that seeks change in all forms, you could be contradictory at times. You are very sensitive with children. You do not like to stay You don't like to be locked up and you like to take risks. You are playful, but don't take criticism or exclusion well.


The vibrations of the W promote intelligence, radiance and confidence. Sudden upheavals and changes of all kinds. Beware of domination, selfishness, hesitation and instability that instability that could hide behind a discreet pride.
His accomplices: The E the N and strengthen his action.
His opponents: The D the M and the V diminish his effects.

Key words about the W

Changes, travel, intelligence, pride, displacement, moving, uncertainties, variability, instability, energy, hesitation, sensitivity.

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