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P - Retreat, discretion, introspection

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The 16th in tarot:
(The God House.)

Collapse and painful realizations.
Necessity to make a spiritual research in depth. Emotional difficulties forcing changes in mental habits.
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The letter P in numerology

P The sixteenth letter of the alphabet, P has the value 7 (coming from 16, 1+6=7) in numerology.
It is part of the cerebral and oscillating letters and is classified in the register of the mental with a hesitant and mobile functioning.

His shape and meaning

A set that seems to wobble under the weight of a full head. It is like a B that has had its belly removed. It seems removed from earthly pleasures and prefers thought to the material world. He is a thinker, patient and modest, who progresses on the higher planes. He seeks silence, solitude and peace in order to grasp wisdom. The letter P in numerology is generally associated with creativity, imagination and artistic expression. People with a first or last name beginning with P are often arrived at as being very creative and having a great imagination. They also tend to be expressive and have a talent for the arts. In terms of career, people with a first or last name beginning with P may be appointed to fields such as the arts, music, fashion, advertising or communication. They can also succeed as creators, artists, designers or advertisers, where they can use their creativity and imagination to express their art.


His passage is not always trouble-free, fueling boundless and often negative thoughts. Delicate encounters, search for emotional and sentimental balance. Sometimes loss of a professional power. Parapsychological perception. Favored spiritual elevations. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 7 years later.


You are a person who likes to think in a setting where quiet and peace are the golden rules. Hustle and bustle and noise annoy and stress you out. Philosophy seems to have an interest for you. You ponder the big questions, usually spiritual ones.


The vibrations of P promote individual progression, reflection, independence and brain activity. Impressions of loneliness, shyness or isolation.
His accomplices: The B the G and the Y strengthen his action.
His opponents: The H the Q and the Z diminish his effects.

Key Words About P

Introversion, shyness, reflection, thinker, calm, peace, tranquility, independence, spirituality, philosophy, silence.

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