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The letter X: Anxiety and intelligence

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The Wink...

The 28th in tarot:
(Two of Wands.)

Possible financial instabilities, but good constructive associations at work.
Some surprises and quick advances. Business marriage.
Beware of lack of confidence and go for it.

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The letter X in numerology

X twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet, the X has the value 6 (coming from 24, 2+4=6) in numerology.
The X is a letter of affective, emotional and oscillating order. It functions on a mobile and unstable level. It is classified in the register of feelings. It is beneficial for the financial financial gains.

His shape and meaning

The X has a complex shape that brings all energies together at its center point. This crossing seems to block or divert the energies and makes it difficult to use them. The subject will have to master the emotional blocks sent by these two crossed axes and which are directed on contradictions.

The X in Passing Letter

Passage offers energy in the professional realm, it also promotes increased gains. Weak health and energy blockages. Restless emotional life, tensions. Opening Spiritual openness if the subject controls himself. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 6 years later.


Need guidance on some choices. You have talent, but suffer from some inner blocking with hyperactive behavior. Emotional turmoil and nervousness. Need for change. change.


His vibrations cause dualities and emotional or sexual blockages. Creations often favored, but sometimes destructive. Doubt, impatience, need for change, complaining, masochism, hesitations. Excessive tendency to tragic comedy.
His accomplices: The F the O and reinforce his action.
His opponents: The E the N and the W diminish his effects.

Key Words About X

Anxiety, emotional disturbance, tension, spiritual openness, blockages, hesitations, detour, need, energy, feverishness, spirituality.

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