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The letter E - Escape - Infidelity

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In a personal day 8, stay safe:
This day quite often heralds breakdowns of all kinds, assaults, robberies or accidents. For others, financial moves (wealth or ruin).
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The letter E in numerology

E The fifth letter of the alphabet, the E has the value 5 in numerology.
It is physical and creative. It gives a dynamic functioning and is part of the register of the senses (earth element). Fast and of short duration, it provides bodily impulses, often related to sexuality and related to sexuality and desires.

His shape and meaning

No curves to round off the edges. This letter gives several straightforward directions and encourages change as you move through it. Horizontal lines are dominant, the bottom one symbolizes the earth, the upper one, the thought and the middle one, the physical body. The head serves the sex. The whole is maintained by a straight axis which sees its energy on its three branches like a Rake. These three antennas serve as transmitter and receiver to promote communication. The letter "E" in numerology is considered to be one of the letters of communication and energy in the alphabet. It is often associated with qualities such as curiosity, humor and suddenness. People with names beginning with this letter are often considered energetic, direct and spontaneous. In numerology, each letter has a numerical value associated with it, and the letter "E" has a value of 5. This value is considered to be related to vitality, humor and risk. People with names beginning with this letter are often energetic, enthusiastic and outspoken people who tend to be very active and enjoy challenges.

In addition, the letter "E" is also associated with freedom, independence and the ability to make oneself attractive. People with names beginning with this letter are often people who enjoy communication, curiosity, and tend to jump in to pursue their dreams and goals. They tend to be very dynamic people and have a vivacious entrepreneurial mentality.
On their personal numerology colors, the presence of the letter "E" in your name can have a significant impact on your life. If you have a name beginning with this letter, you are probably someone who is energetic, very active and to love communicative duels, with a very attractive salesmanship.

The E in Passage Letter

His passing indicates a rapid change of course. It can be relational, passionate, but it is often linked to a financial improvement as well. Break with the daily routine. You will need You will need to challenge yourself, to place yourself in a position of freedom and discovery. Possibility of being manipulated, or of being a victim of lies. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end and will end 5 years later.


You can't stand being cooped up and are constantly looking for escape. You possess a beautiful energy especially for communication. You like physical relationships and you take the risks if necessary to achieve it.


This letter gives off vibes of dynamism, curiosity, and alertness. Love is more often physical than emotional due to many short-lived impulses. Good for Good for travel and short-lived adventures. By its earthy energy, it also puts itself at the service of sportsmen. Beware of manipulations, exaggeration, impulsivity and lies to achieve its ends. to achieve her ends. Her accomplices: The N and the W strengthen her action.
His opponents: The D the V diminish his effects

Key words about the E

Evasions, change, sexuality, curiosity, flash in the pan, short, impulses, dynamism, communication, speaker, chatter, displacement, impulses, lies, energy, manipulations, physical, risks, adventurer, travel, freedom.

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