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The letter S in numerology

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The 20th in tarot:
(The Judgment.)

Spiritual elevation, new knowledge and fundamental awareness.
Quick solutions and great ideas. Great energy, enthusiasm and liberation.

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The letter S in numerology

S The nineteenth letter of the alphabet, the S has a value of 1 (coming from 19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1) in numerology.
Both emotional, affective and oscillating, the S corresponds to the register of feelings, it is also flexible and mobile. It is represented by the sun in tarot.

His shape and meaning

It makes us think of a snake that would be ready to attack its prey. Its two inverted curves send back to us a feeling of sudden surprise. Its structure also emits a kind of superiority which sends energy on all sides. The letter S in numerology is associated with diplomacy, perseverance and strength of character. People with a first or last name beginning with S often come across as being very diplomatic and having great perseverance. They also tend to be strong and determined in their thinking and actions. In terms of career, people with a first or last name beginning with S may be appointed to fields such as business management, finance, accounting or politics. They may also succeed as business leaders, diplomats or lawyers, where they can use their diplomacy and perseverance to achieve their goals.

The S in Passage Letter

His passage causes some disruption on emotional levels. Need for feelings in all directions and to be recognized. Lots of emotions and some sacrifices to make before things get better. things will get better. Favors financial surprises. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 1 year later.


You like to sneak around and be recognized by everyone. You sometimes give the impression of having delusions of grandeur. You are often known as an avid spender. Your projects are often unrealistic. often unrealistic.


Good vibes for financial gain or to foster business acumen. Sense of service and recognized authority. Sacrifices for others. Unstable emotional life, possible nervousness and irritations. Beware of hyperemotionality and self-centeredness for some.
His accomplices: The A and the J strengthen his action.
His opponents: The B the I and the R diminish his effects.

Key Words About S

Nervousness, spendthrift, emotional, loneliness, energy, vitality, curious, altruistic, superiority, sentimental, money, folie de grandeur.

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