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The letter T in numerology.

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The 21st in tarot:
(The World.)

Culmination of efforts. Possible birth. Success about to be finalized.
Search for fulfillment and positive progress. Success and protection.
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The letter T in numerology

T twentieth letter of the alphabet, the T has the value of 2 (coming from 20, 2+0=2) in numerology.
It is one of the emotional, affective and oscillating letters. It is also mobile, evolving and its typological classification places it in the register of feelings.

His shape and meaning

The T resembles a television antenna, it translates information from above and far away, then transmits it on its vertical axis to the earth to make it concrete. It seems to know everything about universal principles, those of the past and those of the future. It helps with the interior transformation. The letter T in numerology is associated with intelligence, logic and analysis. People with a first or last name beginning with T are often taken to be highly intelligent and have logical and rational thinking. They also tend to be analytical and have a great ability to solve puzzles. In terms of career, people with a first or last name containing T may be defined by fields such as science, technology, computer science or mathematics. They may also succeed as researchers, engineers or data analysis professionals, where they can use their intelligence and logical thinking to solve complex problems.


Its passage is a good omen as a reward for efforts, good things in all areas and many understandings. It gives inspiration, gives you sentimental balance and frees you from physical problems. Union, marriage and relationships are greatly favored. (T followed by O, the union is well on its way, preceded by O, risk of a short break-up). Good Good financial results. Favorable for moving and traveling. Its passage begins on your birthday and will end 2 years later.


You are a person who likes unusual things, you like the unheard of or unusual. You sometimes overdo it to look good and seem a tad prudish.


Vibrations promote knowledge in all things, expands your awareness and ambitions. Strong intuitions that increase your sensitivity. Poetic expression, imagination, creation, enthusiasm and curiosity. New visions of things, spiritual rebirth. Sometimes confusion between dreams and realities. Possible fragility. His accomplices: The B and the K strengthen his action.
His opponents: The A the J and the S diminish his effects.

Key words about the T

Dreamer, union, marriage, present , future, inspiration, imagination, creation, enthusiasm, awareness, relationships, reward, effort.

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