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Horoscope Portrait from ALAIN GRUMET

Numerological theme of ALAIN GRUMET
Expression 4:
The 4 is very sensitive, meticulous, inventive and resourceful, he can fight and solve problems on the long run. Its sentimental side is so strong that they need a deep relationship with others. He needs to hide his melancholy side and approach relationships with some distance. Always willing to take on difficult tasks, he needs to value himself through work. Security, patience and prudence offer his functioning solid initiatives.
Intimate number 1:
The intimate number 1 is associated with leadership, individuality, initiative and independence. People with an Intimate Number 1 are often seen as leaders, innovators and pioneers. They like to be in charge and tend to be strong, determined and confident. However, they can also be impulsive and unwilling to accept help or advice from others.
Path of life 22:
His background gives him an extremely sensitive, intelligent and altruistic aspect. He has very high level aspirations that can reach heights and interest a people, even humanity. He draws his ideas from an inexhaustible reservoir. He is very resistant and solid. He meets, in his life, personalities of very great scope. There is no room on this path for those who lean towards evil, the energies are unforgiving.
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